Choosing a Storage Facility

A storage facility is a good option if you're moving your home and need somewhere to temporarily store your items. Or maybe, your house is becoming too cluttered and you need extra space. Woodside's storage space could be the perfect option for you and your family.

As you look for a storage facility, it's important to think about the type of unit you need. How many items do you want to store? Are you storing large pieces of furniture or just boxes? Our 10x12 storage units provide our customers with plenty of storage space. Our units provide enough space to give you the access area you'll need to retrieve your belongings when needed. Don't make the mistake of filling your unit to the brim. Allow enough space for easy access to that box tucked away way in the back of your unit!

you'll need to think about the space you'll need for your belongings, plus the space you'll need to easily navigate around your boxes and other items when you need to retrieve items out of your storage unit.

Location Plus...

You shouldn't choose a storage facility just because it's close to your home. It's important to look at a variety of options without limiting yourself to a facility that is around the corner. Finding a storage facility that stores your items safely and securely is far more important than a few extra minutes driving time.

The security system in place is one of the most important considerations when choosing a storage facility. Woodside's keyless entry and alarm systems provide a secure environment for your belongings. In addition, our loading and unloading areas give you easy access to our facilities and to your storage unit.

Another decision you'll need to make is whether a climate controlled unit is needed for your belongings. In general, climate controlled space is a good idea. Personal property - furniture, boxes, and similar possessions are better stored in a climate controlled environment. However, it's critical to consider the type of items you want to store when deciding whether you need climate control. Storage warehouses with climate controlled units are perfect for items that may suffer from mildew or mold. This includes any type of paper document, including photos, and fabric items such as clothing. If these items are placed in a warm unit without climate control they may be ruined by mold.

If you have temperature sensitive items it's also a good idea to purchase insurance. Homeowner's insurance sometimes covers items placed in storage, but you should check your policy. Woodside Self Storage provides outstanding service at affordable prices. Call us. We'll be happy to show you our units. We're brand new! That means your unit will be free from the wear and tear you might find in other public storage facilities.